Sauna Wood Stoves

Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience

A&S Industrial is proud to offer custom wood fired sauna stoves. Experience the timeless tradition of sauna warmth with our wood stoves. Sit back and take in the lush hiss of steam and the relaxing crackle of the wood-fueled fire. Tending to the fire becomes a cherished ritual, enriching your sauna journey with a connection to centuries-old heritage. We want to provide that experience for you.

Sizes & Optional Ad-ons


20.6″ W x 17.5″H x 20.3″D



22.2″ W x 17.5″H x 20.3″D



25″ W x 19″H x 22.3″D



8″ Throat Extension – $100

  • A wood feed channel that allows you to fire the stove from outside the sauna. This feature helps keep your steam room clean!

Aluminum Hang-On Water Tank

  • Powder coated and come in two sizes
    • Small – $300
    • Large – $345

Rock Basket – $100

  • Added to the back of the sauna stove. 
  • Helps extend the stove’s steam capabilities.  For when your sauna will see a lot of people use it while it is fired.
  • Additional fire protection if the back of your stove is close to a wall.

Forged for Years of Flawless Performance

Contact us to get your woodburning sauna stove to give your sauna the heart of the pure sauna experience.